Saturday, February 5, 2011


Scott: What's that from?
Roxy: My brain!
-Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Sorry, I had to. I love that movie. Also, I apologize too much. Sorry for that, too.

Most recipes I use do not in fact come from my brain. Mostly, I use my laptop as a "cookbook" and do my best not to get food in the keyboard. Some of my favorite blogs are listed on the side.

But sometimes I do like some good, old-fashioned cookbooks. On Tuesday, I decided all these books needed to come out of my cupboard and go somewhere I could see them and therefore--in theory--use them more. The corner of my counter is essentially unusable, so they're there for now. Strangely, I've never bought a cookbook. All were gifts, including The Pioneer Woman Cooks, which was my anniversary gift from my husband. I love it! And there's my grandma's awesome old cookbook from the 40's.

Here are my recipe cards that I made.

About these recipe cards... Sigh. I started these about two years ago, give or take. I decided I'd take all the recipes I'd torn out of magazines and catalogues, cut them up, and paste them neatly onto 3x5 cards.

Halfway through, I dropped all the pieces into a big mess. So I pouted heavily and abandoned them. Until the snow day. Now they're all done!

See? (This is me patting myself on the back in public, Interwebs-style.)

Well, those are extra cards and the recipes that wouldn't fit on a 3x5. But this is part of the organization process, people! I love getting little projects like that done.

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Lisa said...

This just got put on my to-do-list now that I'm actually cooking, I commend you for getting it done because it will probably take me another 2 years to even get to it myself!