Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introduction, Just Not First

Any "normal" person would introduce their blog first. But I really wanted to share my lunch, so this intro was a big delayed. I started writing in junior high by doing Top 10 Lists, so I'll let you know a little about me and this blog in said form.

1. I'm vegetarian because I simply choose not to eat meat. While I'm not vegan, I'm interested in vegan cooking. If I post a meaty recipe on here, it's because I made it for my husband or friends.

2. I love sweets. Really, really. I'll make a lot of them. I made these last night and thought about blogging them but didn't: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Grandma-Johnsons-Scones/Detail.aspx

3. No, I don't really wear skates when I cook. But I do cook and I do skate. I'm convinced I'd be a rollergirl by now, but I tore my ACL during my second practice in June 2010 and am just now back on wheels.

4. If possible, I don't measure. I'll try to estimate measurements for my readers because I realize most people are not like me.

5. I'd say I have a pretty normal appetite, so if I say two servings, I mean two servings for myself.

6. While I'm admittedly Type-A, I'm kinda lazy sometimes. So all photos will be taken with my smartphone and unedited. Also, I have limited photo technique. Love me anyway and think of the food. It's all about the food.

7. Please make this a two-way conversation. I love comments and suggestions! Plus, it makes me feel loved and feeds my need for attention. In turn, I'll blog more and give you more tasty recipes to try. So we all win. See?

8. Oh, and I love cutting vegetables. And eating as unprocessed and organic as possible. But this doesn't always happen by any stretch. Sometimes I'll devour Doritos or sneak in a Diet Dr. Pepper. Recipes on this blog won't include those, though. Sorry. Or you're welcome. Whichever floats your boat.

9. I need a number nine so that I can have a 10, making this a full top 10 list. Ooh, I know. Sometimes I make up recipes. Mostly I bookmark other people's recipes, don't have everything on hand, modify it, call it my own, and repost. Expect a lot of that. Also, I don't phrase my blogging like Pioneer Woman on purpose, but it might happen. A lot.

10. Although I am in fact a professional writer and editor, this blog does not represent my employer/magazine. (Search if you want to know where--I'm the only Kelly Von Lunen in the world as far as Google is concerned.) All opinions are my own.

Much love,
Spanks and bruises,
Eat your veggies,


DeVeeM said...

Yay! Kelly's blogging again! I love the title.
I baked 3 dozen cookies today, so I think I can help you out with #2. ;-)

Lisa said...

Mark is going to either kill you or love you for having a cooking blog! I'm already crazy about trying out your recipes, I'm going to have to dedicate a recipe book just for you! I can't wait to try those quesadillas for a healthier lunch. The blog is great, your writing style is so cute :)