Thursday, February 24, 2011

OMG I'm Starving: Banana Nutelladilla

I have a few problems:

1. A Nutella addiction.
2. A quesadilla addiction. Or rather, the tendency to turn anything into a quesadilla.
3. Sometime when I come home I'm STARVING and will be a grumpy witch until I eat something.

So although I planned a delicious, healthy, virtuous dinner that would incorporate organic tofu and the veggies lying around, I didn't give myself the chance. On the drive home, the following occurred to me:

Oh hells yes! I buttered a pan (you could use cooking spray, but come on, this is full of Nutella). Sliced up some bananas. Covered one tortilla in Nutella, covered that in bananas.

Cook it up like any ol' quesadilla. Slice and eat! So fast and delicious. In all honesty, you should probably split this with someone and call it dessert. I did not.

Check out that gooey goodness!

I don't always buy organic, but I try to with bananas. They taste so much better. I'd seen this combination in crepes and sandwiches, but never cooked up quesadilla-style, so I'm calling this an original!

Banana Nutelladilla
(Serves 1-2 depending on what you use it as)

2 tortillas
1 banana
Some Nutella

Layer and cook like a quesadilla.

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