Friday, February 4, 2011

Star Wars cookies

The first time I saw these cookie cutters was on Bakerella. Almost immediately I bought a set and made them for Halloween 2010. See how cute they are? We've got Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and some Storm Troopers. FYI, Yoda's the most fun to eat. I start with his ears.

Then I heard that Williams-Sonoma made MORE Star Wars stuff, so I bought a second set for hubby's birthday. The day of his party, I made two batches of the sugar cookie dough that comes in the box. Someone else already typed it up, so I'm going to give them credit instead of doing the same thing myself.

Then a friend and I decorated until we couldn't take it any longer. My attention span is short, so that didn't take long. I hand-painted Death Stars and Storm Troopers. There also are Millenium Falcons and X-wings somewhere.

My friend piped and flooded Yoda. How awesome is that? I have not the patience.

Then she did some work on Boba Fett. Note the phallic Tie Fighters to the right. Laugh much.

I didn't have meringue powder, and I didn't really want to use raw egg whites on my friend. So I found this icing and thinned it with water for "flooding":

The outsides of Yoda are piped in a thick-ish green icing. Then a thinner green "floods" his head.

For more on how to decorate sugar cookies... don't ask me. I don't know! Check out Pioneer Woman instead:

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