Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Potato Tastiness

Last Friday, I had my lovely friend/coworker Kelly G over for dinner. Isn't she adorable?

"We" made this:

By "we," I mean I cooked and she so sweetly photographed the process for me. For anyone who doesn't know, I don't cook well with others. Eat well with others, sure. Not cook. I'm a tyrant in the kitchen.

I had to hunt down brie at two grocery stores, but I made the Eats Well With Others recipe pretty much precisely. When I went to start, I realized that I didn't have the right seasonings on hand. So I improvised and used these. I'd recommend doing the same. Yum!

Then I hand-sliced three regular-sized sweet potatoes and a white onion. If I had a mandoline slicer, I'd have used that. But I don't.

Cook and stir until they're eatable. (Don't you love Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? "Everything's eatable, even me.")

These are not quite eatable:

Aha! Totally eatable! I've fallen in love with sweet potatoes. And onions always get me.

Dump that in a bowl to cool off for a bit. Promptly get caught on the phone for 20 minutes with a friend. It works out well anyway.

Cube up some brie. Next time, I'll use a cheaper, firmer cheese. This was delicious, but didn't really hold together or add much in my opinion. Also, didn't Kelly G get a lovely shot? She even informed me that you're supposed to cut off the covering. Thanks, Other Kelly!

Add the brie and some scrambled raw eggs to the semi-cooled potatoes.

Mix. Now, I know you guys don't need this much explanation, but it's rare that I have this many photos to share!

Re-oil and re-heat your pan. Then dump the mixed ... mixture ... into it. Apparently I did something wrong, but it looks all right at this point.

When it looks set, flip it. I thought it looked set down here. I was wrong. Let yours cook more first.

Because mine turned into sweet potato-cheese-scrambled eggs. See? Don't judge me--love me.

Because regardless, this was delicious! I plan to tweak and re-make, probably furthering the Indian theme with more curry and some homemade paneer.


Madeleine said...

Kelly and other Kelly,
I think the rind is delicious! But it's totally a matter of taste.
Just want to let you know that you will get laughed at in Europe and by Europeans (even nice ones!) if you cut the rind off of soft cheeses. Maybe Steph has a comment on this?

A sweet potato tortilla sounds great!

Unknown said...

The Other Kelly told me that some people leave the rind on, so I'll try that in the future. This was my first time cooking with brie, so I didn't know!

Now I can only imagine all the things Europeans would laugh at me for...

Laeluu said...

Madeleine: Sweet potato tortillas are very, very tasty. I make them all the time! Sweet potatoes, black beans, and cheese...yum!