Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Veggies Galore

Okay, I should confess. (How many blog posts start like this? A lot, it seems.) Anyway, I don't really like carrots all that much. Normally I throw them in the mix because they're orange, and I figure the more colors the better. So unless I'm having pumpkin or sweet potatoes, I sneak in some carrot. Usually peeled up with a potato peeler.

These carrots, though. They were delicious. Not as delicious as the cauliflower and broccoli, but that's because they're still carrots after all.

I chopped up a head of cauliflower, a stalk worth of broccoli and four or five carrots. Toss them in some olive oil and Italian seasoning. Honestly, I believe in quality ingredients. Just not always. Don't look for the logic.

Put them in the oven turned to "broil." Once they looked almost done, I added some garlic salt and Parmesan cheese. There's no reason the garlic salt couldn't have gone on earlier, but I didn't think of it right off. The cheese might have burnt if used right away.

Thanks to my mother-in-law for this recipe! I think she told me that she made something like this after seeing a version of it somewhere. So who knows if this resembles the original. In any case, it was so delicious that I ate about two-thirds of the pan. Ridiculous, I know. No judgement--it's veggies! As a side, I'd say this would serve 4-6 people. If you're weird and eat this for dinner like I did, it makes two meals.

That's all I had left. About two cups in my favorite Tupperware. If I make this on purpose sometime--not just because I happen to have the ingredients on hand and make it up at the last minute--I'll probably get real Parmesan (not the Kraft powdery stuff) and add another veggie.

Also, in the future, maybe I won't switch between first-, second- and third-person so much. Maybe.

What things do you guys broil?


Madeleine said...

I roast or pan roast everything--asparagus, broccoli, artichokes, sweet potatoes, turnips, garlic, potatoes, squash, onions. . . It is my preferred method of cooking veggies because it's easy and delicious.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Madeleine! Someone asked me what she could substitute the cauliflower with, so those are great ideas.

Anita Mihelic said...

Mmmm I just finished eating this! So good. I have never cooked veggies this way and I'm glad I have a new way to do it!

I cooked it for just about 20 minutes, and that was after opening the oven several times and shaking the pan (I used a cookie sheet--which I think made it cook too fast so I will use glass next time) It still browned a little on some pieces that were laying flat against the pan, but it didn't burn or taste bad. Everything was cooked through. I just used carrots and cauliflower because that's all I had.

I put in the italian seasoning and little garlic salt like the recipe says, but since I am a garlic junky, I also peeled several cloves of garlic to add in. After peeling them I just crushed them lightly with the side of the knife and tossed them with the veggies.

After everything was cooked, the garlic pieces came out soft and a little carmelized from the oil. I picked them out and ate them and they were delish--but not everyone likes garlic that much! Just a few probably would work.

Thanks for teaching me something new! Very tasty.