Friday, March 25, 2011

Arm Warmers

I cook for many reasons. For example, I like food. Also, I like making stuff. I'm trying to teach myself to sew, but it's taking some effort. Slowly, it's coming along.

That's only kind of relevant. This is not by any means a sewing project.

To tell the truth, I bought socks for derby. I'm a sucker for animal prints, so I thought they were adorable.

Adorable as they may or may not be, they did not fit my big ol' calves. Such is life. It's not unusual for boots not to fit my calves, but it's been a while since this was a problem in socks. I'm going to blame the fact that these came from a store aimed at teenagers, who likely do not have my muscular man-calves.

I'd just recently read online how if I wore arm-warmers under my derby elbow pads, I could just wash those more and my pads less. Seeing as I hate to be stinky (kind of unavoidable at practice, I think) but don't want to wash my pads so much as to break them down faster, I thought: maybe I could turn these socks into arm warmers.

Then I was afraid they wouldn't even fit my forearms. But they do. Barely.

Just cut a thumb hole in the heels. Cut off the toes as much as you want. And if they're too long, you can trim up the leg. I like them long, so I just push them down a bit.

When I tried wearing these under my pads at practice, they made them slide down even worse than usual. So for me, I don't think this is a viable de-stinkying tactic. However, I did get compliments on these cute arm-warmers when I wore them to a game. So score!

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