Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guinness Cupcakes

      Today's cooking experiment comes from a recipe I'd been wanting to use for about a year now and with St. Patrick's Day coming up, I thought I'd finally give it a try. Plus, I nabbed these delightful cupcake liners a while back and they were just begging to be used.

      Since y'all can (and should) visit the original blog post for the recipe itself, I'm just going to give some highlights and tips from my own experience making the cupcakes.

First off, the ingredients for the cupcakes proper:

Not exactly a run on the health foods there, is it?

Don't worry, Guinness is good for you.

      Measuring Guinness can be tricky, but it will give you the chance to perfect the proper two-part pour.

      Although I was happy with the end result, I think next time I'm just going to doctor a chocolate cake mix. These cupcakes were a lot of work!

      Protip: Before you put them in the muffin pan, place the cupcake liners in the sink and coat the insides with non-stick spray. Later they will peel more easily from the cupcakes.

      Here are the ingredients used in the frosting. Again, I'm not exactly raiding the health food aisle here, am I?

      The frosting turned out well, if a little dry and, for lack of a better term, crystallized. Next time I'll probably spend more time whipping it and add in a bit more milk.

      Hooray! They look like mini pints of Guinness. There's still something missing though...

Ah, that's better.

      The recipe makes about two dozen cupcakes. Unless I make them for a party, I think I'll halve it next time.

      Let me know if any of you try out this recipe!

      PS: I've tagged this post as both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For an explanation, please read this.


Unknown said...

I was gifted some of these, and they are wonderful! And I don't really like Guinness, so anyone who does would LOVE them. The beer aftertaste is mellow enough to please all but the most serious of beer-haters.

DeVeeM said...

Note: Fixed the "MeasuringGuinness" typo. Ouch.