Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Conference Outfits

When I went to my St. Louis for work a few years ago, I took photos of my outfit to show off to my friends how professional I can dress when I want/have to. Then for my first Health Journalism conference last year, I took photos of each day's outfit and shared them on Facebook. Yes, this is pure vanity. And kind of weird. But I'd like to continue the trend for some unknown reason.

Also, I am in fact vain and I'd quite like to brag for a day about my new derby-fitness body. I'm so lovin' it.

Before I left (you can see my bedroom in the background) I tried on a suit I haven't worn in years because it was too small. I bought this my senior year of college and wore it to an interview at my current job. Then I was afraid it would never fit again.

For the conference, I decided I'd try to be young and cool and hip and wear a cute t-shirt under a professional suit. So I tried it on, asked a friend for her opinion, and packed it. Then I chickened out at the conference and didn't wear it anyway. But I think it's quite adorable and would like to share with anyone who made it reading this far today.

By the first full day in Philly, I felt like poo. In my pathetic, wheezy voice, I warned everyone I met how sick I felt just so they'd be aware of my germ-spreading potential and have a chance to run away if so desired.

But I didn't want to look like poo, so I layered up a few pieces that I've had for years and put on my best no-I'm-not-too-sick-for-the-world face.

Thanks to some prescription-strength cough syrup prescribed by an uber-nice doctor I talked into examining me the day before, the second day was a little less miserable. For at least a little while, I managed to avoid pulling my hair back into a ponytail. If I'd been smart, I would have re-dyed it before I went. But sometimes I'm not smart.

Also, although I'm not vegan, I'm trying to not buy leather if I can help it. But if I already have it, I wear it. And if it's second-hand, I feel less guilty. As far as my purse goes, I'm never giving it up.

While in Philly, I stumbled across the most lovely independent shop, Smak Parlour. I bought a cute black skirt (short, black, pockets, comfortable, machine-washable, machine-dryable and 50% off = so sold to me) and this short sweater. I have so many dresses I tell myself I'll wear with cute little sweaters, but then I never buy said sweaters. So with some encouragement of my new friend who happened to be with me, I indulged and bought this one. Then on my last day, I wore it with the t-shirt originally intended for my ironic suit outfit.

Thanks for bearing with my odd vanity today.

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