Friday, April 22, 2011

Sick Movies/Books

Please forgive me for any subpar posts or lack of photos. As I mentioned yesterday, I was in Philadelphia for five days for an awesome work conference, and I've been getting over some sort of bronchitis-like stuff. In case you were wondering, travel + sick = sucks.

So I'm not describing these books as "sick" in any sense, but rather these are the media that made my being sick livable.

The Tuesday before my trip, I tried to go to work. I must have looked/sounded terrible because my coworkers pretty quickly insisted that I go home. Because I'm not good at relaxing, I rented three Redbox movies to bribe myself to stay on the couch most of the day. It worked pretty well! I got:

Love & Other Drugs
I LOVED this movie! I'd been wanting to see it for months and wasn't at all disappointed. This movie made me laugh out loud and cry a lot.

Social Network
Everyone's been telling me that I need to see this movie, so I finally did. I liked it a lot. The whole time I kept thinking "Wow, this guy's barely older than me." Oh, and "2003? That was a long time ago... Wait a minute... That was my freshman year of college... HolycrapamIold?!" Definitely worth seeing.

After watching the above two, this movie wasn't "good" per se, but it was very enjoyable. I kept thinking how pieces of the dancers' outfits would make great derby items. My brain is so fully infected with roller derby, it's not even funny.

While traveling, my chest was filled with a lovely death-rattle that gave me an impressive circle of personal space in airports and on the planes. To stay awake but not roaming the terminals, I did my best to get lost in a couple books. Whenever I got up to move around I'd launch into coughing fits, so this worked pretty well. I also consumed more cough drops and hot tea that ever in my life.

Down & Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby
One of the lovely Dead Girls lent this to me and it was really great. It helped clarify a lot of things about derby culture that I didn't understand before. Fed my obsession while out of town and unable to skate quite well.

'Salem's Lot
I started reading this book on the day I had knee surgery. That was back in August 2010. It is now April 2011. For some reason I just couldn't get into this book even though I liked it. Plus I get nightmares pretty easily, so I didn't want to read it at night. Once I finally got into this, I really enjoyed it, although I felt a little let down by the end. My copy of this book was printed in the '70s, which I especially loved.

Omnivore's Dilemma
This one I'm still working on, but I'm fascinated by the section on corn. It seems that my entire world is made up of creatively disguised corn. Is my computer made of corn? How about my clothes? I don't think so, but now I'm starting to wonder.

What are you reading?

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