Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Bunny Gobs

Have you ever eaten a gob? They're basically whoopie pies. Just don't tell my husband. He's weird about the distinction.

My mother-in-law has made these for possibly forever, and she told me how to make them. Then the day before Easter, I found this pan at JoAnn on sale:

That's right, a bunny-shaped whoopie pie pan! It's even sold that way. How cute is that?

Just fill 'em up...

Bake them. Then slice off the tops...

For the second batch, I filled them a little more full and was happier with how they cooked up.

You'll have to match them stacked top-to-bottom. My only complaint with this Wilton pan is that I'd rather half of the bunnies be backwards so I could match up wrong sides.

In the meantime, match up the cut-off tops.

Smear frosting on one bunny. I used canned white frosting because I was feeling lazy. You could make your own plain frosting. Really, any kind would work.

Smash another bunny on to make a sandwich.

Repeat until you have a bunch of bunny cakes. Then recoil at the wood-paneled wall in my kitchen.

The blob-shaped gobs made from the wrong-side-matched cut-off tops taste just as good but aren't as adorably bunny-like.

Whenever possible, I buy butter-recipe cake mixes because I prefer butter to oil. Either one is fine. I've even made funfetti gobs in the past and they were delicious. If you don't have a cute little pan, just put 1/4-cup mounds on a sprayed cookie sheet and bake.

(makes enough for a party)
1 box cake mix (traditionally chocolate)
Ingredients for cake mix (butter/oil, water and eggs)
1 cup flour
1 tbsp cinnamon (optional)
1 can frosting (or homemade frosting)

1. Make cake batter according to instructions. Add one cup of flour and cinnamon, if desired.
2. Bake at 350 degrees until cooked through.
3. Remove from pan and let cool.
4. Match up bunnies/gobs and frost between.
5. Be prepared to make these for many family functions.

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