Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Game On Skates: Lessons Learned

Photo courtesy Jason Buis,

Did you know that refs skate their butts off? Seriously, I can't find my butt now. It always made sense to me that skaters would be exhausted the next day, but I didn't think about the fact that the refs skate all of both games. Props to my fellow officials!

To do next game:
1. Hydrate all weekend before. I was so thirsty the next day.
2. Take approximately 157 granola bars. I've never been hungrier in my life. I was on skates from 5 until 9 (four hours) plus an hour of practice that morning. So 300 minutes. According to this website, I burned about 1,800 calories. Skipping dinner and only taking light snacks was a bad idea.
3. Schedule a massage for the next day. Oh, my poor feet.
4. Sleep until noon the day of and after. AKA, take the next day off from work. My brain didn't start functioning until after lunch. Part of this may have been the lack of food as body-fuel, too.

Photos since the game have reminded me that skating tones my legs but not my back or arms. I should work on that before I sport a corset in public again... Also, practice whistling and yelling louder so my penalty calls are registered.

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