Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How NOT to Clean Derby Skate Bearings

Before How to Clean Skate Bearings, I attempted to clean my skate bearings based on various pieces of advice I'd received from people and online.

I failed. Do not be like me.

You do want to remove the wheels from your skates.

And take the nuts off. (*giggle*)

And remember which wheels came from where so that you can either put them back or rotate them as you desire. I was due for a wheel rotation, so I did them back-to-front this time.

Alcohol was good. Q-Tips were not enough.

Lazy me thought I could leave the bearings in the skates. I was wrong.

Popping the covers off went well enough. I used a thumbtack.

Do not do this. It is not enough.

The backside of the cover.

Speed Cream oil seemed to be good.

Popping the covers back on was easy.

Again, how to pop them off. This you probably can take my advice on.

However, some of the bearings ended up looking like this. It's because I didn't realize there were two bearings per wheel, so I was looking at the wrong side.

I was able to get some covers off with a knife.

And get them all back on all right.

Speed Cream. Cheap.

Nasty Q-tips. But again, don't do this. I fail.

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