Monday, June 13, 2011

Pre-Game Ritual

I think every roller derby athlete (skater, ref, NSO, volunteer) has some sort of pre-game ritual. Here's what mine looks like so far.

Game Day Morning
Finalize my outfit. Basically I wore the same thing as the game before, but with a few tweaks.

Make gameday granola bars. Recipe to be posted this week.

Walk my dog. Last time I went to practice and regretted it because I was too tired. But I wanted to get up and moving a bit.

Eat a small healthy breakfast washed down with a plain homemade skim latte. Get the metabolism going in a good way.

Tidy up the house. I'll be too tired to do this for a while.

Game Day Afternoon
Try to relax around the house.

Make sure all gear and clothing is ready to go.

Do hair and makeup an hour before I need to leave.

Work on balancing my emotions to find a happy medium between pumped-up and calm.

What's your gameday ritual?

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