Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Derby How-Tos Revisited

You have at least a sense of how much I love both food and derby, which I am convinced go together a bit. Food gives me energy to skate. Skating burns calories such that I can indulge in some good foods.

Thus: Skating + Food = Happy Kelly

Here's a bit of a wrap-up on some derby how-tos that people seem to have enjoyed.

Please share this with any of the derby peeps in your life. I'd also love to hear your feedback on what worked or didn't work for you. I'm still a newbie and have lots to learn, both about derby and life. (Wait, derby isn't life? I may have to amend that...)

Occasional Gear Maintenance
How to clean derby pads
This is one of the most popular posts so far, at least by page views. Several people have Facebooked me or come up to me at practice to tell me that this worked really well for them.

How to clean skate bearings / How NOT to clean skate bearings
The first is a great tutorial from one of my league's refs. The second is a description of how I completely bombed at my attempt to clean my bearings on my own. Since these, I have purchased a couple of the proper tools and look forward to doing an even better job next time.

Daily Gear Maintenance
Vodka as a disinfectant / Additional thoughts on vodka as a disinfectant
After doing this for more than a week, I still like it better than Febreeze. It doesn't irritate my skin, and keeps the smell down just as well. The only problem is that I need to make sure it dries between practices by leaving my bag open, and the spray bottle I bought still leaks, making my bag smell like I'm an alcoholic. (I swear I haven't even sipped on it yet!)

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