Friday, August 12, 2011

Homemade Salsa

In case you haven't noticed, I love salsa. Particularly, I love Pace Picante medium salsa in a jar. Several years ago—like back in high school—I tried to make my own salsa. It was gross. Rarely do I like fresh salsa, as much as I really want to.

But about a month ago, Mr. CookingOnSkates and I attended a party. Someone had brought great salsa, so I asked her for the recipe. Unfortunately, I've since forgotten her name and probably some of the salsa-making tips.

I do remember "canned tomatoes," but I had a ton of fresh ones to use up.

I also remember "roast some ancho peppers," but I couldn't find fresh ones and bought dried ones instead.

I remember "fresh cilantro is best but dried would do." Then I forgot to buy cilantro.

But, but, but. So yes, I failed a lot of times here. Tomatoes made it in, but had to be strained of their extra juices. Peppers had to rehydrate in the salsa overnight. I dumped in a LOT of Spanish Gardens taco seasoning, as per Mystery Lady's suggestion. The hubby agreed to a quarter of an onion. I had to go back to the grocery store the next day for cilantro.

I used my Ninja.

Sliced up tons of tomatoes. I don't know what kind they were other than home-grown.

Roasted fresh garlic in this pan. Then took a photo of the pan later. I make no sense.

Have I told you all how much I love my Ninja? I have? Oh...

The tomatoes were too watery, so Mr. CookingOnSkates used cheese cloth and a strainer to get some of the liquid out. Next time I'll get more of the juice out earlier.

How do you make salsa?

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