Friday, August 19, 2011

How to make croutons

My hubby wanted salad for dinner, so we picked up some ingredients at the grocery store. I fully support salad-eating! That said, I rarely eat dinner salads myself because I usually want more calories than that pre-skating.

When my hubby said croutons sounded good, I agreed. Croutons *always* sound good to me, but I know they're a packaged, processed nightmare. Some time ago, my grandma mentioned that she makes her own. Because I regard good croutons as somewhat rare and magical, I was skeptical about my ability to make passable croutons. But I had some aging cheap French bread from Walmart at home and decided to give it a go.

Slice up some old bread. Make sure to do it really fast so your helpful helper can't get a good photo.

I sliced into about 1-inch pieces.

Then about 1-inch strips.

And into 1-inch cubes. Any size would be just fine, I'm sure.

Toss the cubes with some olive oil.

Add a little garlic salt and toss again.

Make crazy faces at your helper. Know that it'd be better to delete the photo from existence, then decide to post it for the sake of humility. We all need to laugh at ourselves.

Bake at about 400 degrees until fully dried out.

Ta-da! Croutons!

Much to my surprise, these super-simple croutons were probably the best I've ever had. The hubby and I nibbled these off the pan all evening. Next time I'm going to add some powdered Parmesan to the mix. Try it for yourself!

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