Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newly Dead Tank Tops

For the upcoming season, Newly Dead (also called Fresh Meat in other leagues) girls need a blank tank top and a white tank top, each with real names or established skater names on them. There's no way to explain how excited I am to finally write "Mel Breakdown" on my things.

I started with $8 Target tank tops. I hear Walmart has cheaper ones, but my experience with Target clothes has been better. I may be a snob.

I grabbed an old shoebox to stretch out the fabric and give me a surface to write on.

Short strokes going with the grain of the fabric worked best for me.

I'd recommend sketching this out first so everything fits. I didn't do that, though.

Because I'm not rostered, I tried to stay team-neutral with colors.

Also, I sketched a logo idea for the front but didn't do it just yet. Maybe soon.

With the extra space, I added my number.

I used a bleach pen for the black shirt because I couldn't find my silver pen.

Good idea, right? Several people suggested it.

Here are some tools of the trade.

Fact: I am unable to take photos of my own back.

Second fact: the bleach pen did not work for me. Not at all. So I re-did it the next day in silver Sharpie. Much better!


Amanda Vickerson said...

Hiya! I'm a member of Maine Roller Derby and I found your blog while researching this "bleach pen" idea. Do you know the wonder of freezer paper stencils? They are amaaaaazing for derby!

I also really love your cooking recipes! And your post about derby in a hearing world. And about body image. And ALL OF IT. <3

Unknown said...

Thanks, Amanda! I'll have to get some ladies craftier than I together to try the freezer paper and blog it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Unknown said...

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