Friday, September 16, 2011

Better Breakfast Burrito

One of my goals for this derby season is to eat like an athlete. These were not helping me accomplish this goal.

Stupid easy delicious packaged blueberry bagels. I bought one package on a whim. Mr. CookingOnSkates and I devoured them and I thought I was safe. Then he bought more. And I tried putting Nutella on one. I'm doomed.

Yesterday morning, I made breakfast with a single local whole-wheat tortilla, one no-hormone free-range egg, a little sharp cheddar cheese and a bit of hot chunky salsa.

By mid-morning I needed a snack, but I felt good and nourished by the protein. Now if only I can wake up the couple minutes early during the week to make this a healthy habit.


Fun&Food said...

I really LOVE burritos, and i really like cheddar cheese. Unfortunately i can't find it here in italy..what a shame!!! Next time hope you'll get an extra ration of cheese, just thinkin' of me! =) F&F

Unknown said...

This makes me quite sad and a little confused. Cheddar cheese is pretty much the standard here and extremely cheap. I don't know what I'd do without it!