Friday, September 2, 2011

Imma Be a RenFest Beer Wench

I've been to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival a few times and like it all right. This year I'll be prostituting my boobs there, all in the name of derby. To do so, I have to dress in costume.

I put together an outfit based on some new things and old things.

I bought this brown suede-like long-sleeved shirt for $1 or $2 out of a bin at Arizona Trading Company in Westport.

I thought it was a size 8 and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't go over my head. It's actually a small. Oh well, I was going to cut it up anyway.

Now it's size-less because I cut out the tag. Mwahahaha!

I also cut off the sleeves right outside the seams and cut straight down the center where it was sewn together.

Ta-da! Now it's a vest! I folded down the edges and put a corset-like wide belt over it. The tank top may be too gold-like, denoting royalty, so I may try to turn the "vest" into a tank top instead.

Brown boots on bottom. And I'll be layering a long red skirt under the mid-shin black one. In case you ever need to do it, rolled-up athletic socks add major boobage.

Here's the yellow tank top. I'm sad it's a little shiny and probably won't work.

This was my original outfit. Ignore my closed eyes. I fail at taking photos. I love this corset, but I was told it's all wrong for a beer wench. Crap.

The tank top also had a cute little bow in front. I knew that wasn't RenFest-appropriate.

Come buy drinks from me on September 24 and October 2! My derby league makes money, I get to keep cleavage-tips and I welcome the company.

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