Friday, September 23, 2011

New Skates FTW

I have a friend who for the longest time thought FTW meant "F*** The Weather." It does not. Rather, it stands for "For The Win," a gamer term.

New skates. I have them. They rock. Say hello to my Riedell 265 leather boots.

To save money, I kept my Atom Juke 88a "pusher wheels."

And my Atom Stroker 98.5 wheels.

New Sunlite plates, a lovely upgrade from the slightly cracked older ones on my Sure-Grip Rebels.

For now they've got my old toe covers because I haven't decided what to pay for from the lady on Etsy.

This right here is happiness to a derby girl.

For anyone who might care, here's how I staggered my wheels. It may or may not be advisable; I'm quite happy with the arrangement.

What's almost as awesome is that I was able to put outdoor wheels on my old Rebels, tape up the toes, and now I have outdoor skates!


DeVeeM said...

I've heard it can also mean "F*** the What?!?!?" You know, for times when you're so surprised and confused by something that the standard "WTF?" just won't do. ;-) Totally determined by context, of course.

DeVeeM said...

PS: Your favicon!!! I just saw it!!! (and the new banner photo remix) Awesome!!! :-D