Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Beg You: Use Real Ingredients!

I'm lucky that I have honed a sense of baker's intuition. Plus, I really love food, so I'm going to make something as delicious as possible so I can eat it. Here are a few little things that will make everything you cook taste instantly better.

1. Margarine is not butter. Vanilla extract is not vanilla. Buy and use only the real things.

2. Organic eggs, yogurt and milk are worth paying extra for. Sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt and flour taste the same to me in any brand. In my mind, fresh things should be high-quality and actually fresh. Dry ingredients serve a more chemical purpose.

3. I only ever buy organic apples and bananas. They taste better. Strawberries do, too, but seem to make less of a difference.

4. Canned and frozen veggies are fine in a pinch or if they're out of season. But suck it up and cut up actual veggies. You'll feel closer to your food. You know, right before you devour it.

5. Spices matter. The curry and Northwoods seasoning are worth the money. Use up whatever crappy seasonings you have (see Crushed Red Pepper, above) and then buy the good stuff.

6. Buy local. This isn't always an option, but I almost always prefer it!

Do you have any similar tips?

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GingerNinja said...

True story! It drives me crazy when people use margarine in place of butter...yes, you can tell a HUGE difference. I have (very) few recipes that call for margarine. Margarine is the devil & I despise it. I have the same feeling about vanilla & vanilla extract :)