Monday, October 10, 2011

Unlikely Flavor Combo I Love: Rosemary Caramel

Last Friday I saw 50/50 at the Cinemark downtown because they were so kind as to have captioned showings. The captions didn't work right away, but the movie was wonderful. Go see it, but take a friend and a box of tissues.

I have no plans to add movie reviews to this blog. My brain is still mostly full of food and derby, so I promise to get to at least one of those.

Before the movie, I stopped by LatteLand. You see, I have a history of falling asleep during movies, which makes me mad. For starters, I paid to see that movie! Secondly, I really wanted to see that movie or I wouldn't have paid for it! Anyway, my plan was to get a plain skim latte, which is always my plan in coffee shops so that I won't consume any more empty calories. About half of the time, this fails. Last Thursday, it failed.

Immediately I smelled pumpkin lattes and knew I was doomed. But the specials board included this: Rosemary Caramel Latte. I died. Christopher Elbow makes a rosemary caramel that is indescribably delicious. I had to try the latte.

In short: it was exactly what I wanted. My short-term goal is to adapt the rosemary-caramel combination for some sweet-yet-savory scones.

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