Friday, November 18, 2011

Food for Workout Fuel: How much?

Since starting derby, my focus has been on getting my body in shape and spending as much time as possible on skates in order to get comfortable on eight wheels. At the same time, I can't figure out how much I should eat or why I'm so hungry all the darn time. Then I thought about it.

Saturday: Yoga, one hour. Open skate, two hours.
Sunday: League practice, three hours.
Monday: League practice, two hours.
Tuesday: Open skate, two hours.
Wednesday: League practice, two hours.

Total: Approximately 11 hours.

On Thursdays and Fridays,  I usually don't work out, but I do try to walk my dog and get some active housework done. My intent is always to get in more off-skate workouts... That's still not happening.

I want to give my body enough fuel to run at its best for these workout sessions. I do know that I feel best when I:

-Eat minimal sugar and white flour.
-Eat a substantial breakfast and lunch.
-Limit caffeine to my morning latte.
-Only eat out once or twice a week.
-Drink lots of water and decaf tea.
-Focus on whole fruits and veggies.
-Increase protein intake.
-Eat one vegan meal per day.

So why is it so difficult to figure out how much I need to eat? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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