Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Look What I Can Do: Hem Jeans!

Once upon a time, my mommy gifted me a beautiful pair of Rock & Republic jeans.

Actually, once upon a time was last Thursday. But these are some fairytale jeans, so I wanted to start with "once upon a time." They didn't fit her right, so I tried them on--and fell in love. The only problem: designer jeans have about a 33" or 34" inseam. My legs are only about 29". The overage was absurd.

The original plan was to take them to a real tailor, but I remembered that I'm often frustrated at the cost of some and not usually that thrilled with the result. So instead, I kind of figured they'd go into my sewing to-do pile and get done six months or so from now.

But when I put them on to show off to my hubby and complain about the length, he was super-impressed. I don't know about your husbands, but for mine to have any reaction to my jeans at all is kind of rare. It's not that he isn't wonderful--his wife's jeans just aren't that important to him.

Well, if I like them and the hubby likes them, I'd need to get moving a little faster. I started by tearing through all my other little sewing projects first as a warm-up because it'd been a few months since I'd so much as turned on my sewing machine. Then I got tired and abandoned the one thing I actually wanted to get done for a few days.

Finally, I got to work with some straight pins, an iron and my little fold-up ironing board.

Confession: I measure in sewing about as well as I do in cooking--that is, as little as I can get by with. This will undoubtedly make many people cringe or stop reading. Sorry.

Check out these adorable butt-pockets. The back pockets are often a selling point for me when it comes to jeans. Whoever bought these originally paid $250, according to the tag that was still attached. The price tag added to the pressure and anxiety in tailoring these, but most of my sewing experiments have gone well so far.

After measuring a couple times and having Mr. CookingOnSkates check them for me, I cut off four inches. Commence sweating and nervousness.

The little tag on the top of the back was nearly disconnected, so I sewed that back on. Easy enough. The thin, comfy, stretchy fabric was a little difficult to fold and whatnot, but pretty easy for my old machine to go through.

The bottom is the original hem that I cut off. The top is mine. It's clearly not a professional job, but I'm pleased with the result.

Comparisons of outsides. While I like the original hem, the bottoms of the pant legs were more destructed than I prefer, so it worked out pretty well to be able to cut them off.

They're now as long as they can be without ever touching the ground.

And the butt pockets are officially adorable!

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