Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet My Derby Sisters

Stressed Kelly eats stuffed-crust veggie pizza. Don't judge her too harshly. That is why I'm still talking about derby instead of blogging some delicious butternut squash soup for you.

But yes, I did make delicious butternut squash soup that I'll share as soon as I have a little downtime to write it up and gather the photos that I took.

Allow me to introduce part of my derby family: my fellow 2012 Royal Pains. Eleven of us were on hand for the draft party. Note the purple background for the "photo booth."

The next day, I celebrated by wearing purple to work. My nails are also purple, but very dark and not visible with this crappy camera-phone-and-mirror photo.

Yesterday evening we stopped by to visit Edith Myfist, who is recovering from leg surgery. We love her and wish her a speedy recovery! Some refs, Shotgun Sheilas and Deadly Sirens were sweet enough to stop by as well and just aren't in the photo.

I went to my first practice as an official Dead Girl in fishnets (breaking my own rule and risking rink rash), purple undies, a star-covered shirt and purple socks covered in mustaches. It's good to finally be able to call myself a derby girl without any caveats.

Food and recipes to be posted soon, I promise!

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