Friday, November 4, 2011

Slow Progress is Still Progress

I really need to start cooking more again. Until then, it's going to be more reflection and derby. That all right with you? I sure hope so.

My first skating post was on Feb. 16 of this year. So, not quite nine months ago? Theoretically, I could have gotten pregnant, grown a baby in my tummy, and delivered it by now.

No offense to any of you moms—your kids are adorable—but I'm so glad that is not how I've spent my last nine months.

How have I spent my last nine months? Skating and eating, of course.

February: For the first six months, I have to wear a knee brace. Because I'm nervous of further hurting my knees, I also wear knee pads, even to open skate sessions.
Don't tell my physical therapist, but I ditched the brace against her wishes. I do still wear knee pads every single time I put skates on my feet.

February: Because of the knee pads and brace, I pretty much have to wear tights. But I don't want to be a weirdo wearing tights in front of little kids, so I put shorts over them. Then I claim they're "cute."
Have you ever gotten rink rash? Well, it's a fancy term for floor burn and it hurts! So I still wear tights whenever I skate (under those knee pads, of course). And heck yeah, they're cute!

February: Maybe I don't know how to stop perfectly, but I can weave my feet in and out a little. I'm so proud of myself!
I've not yet mastered any skill and can't possibly think that I will any time soon. But I can effectively snow-plow, T-stop and revere toe stop. The "weaving my feet in and out a little" is now full watermelons.

February: Then I get lapped by eight-year-olds who can skate better than I can. Little punks.
Little kids are still punks, but now they're punks I can out-skate. (I really don't hate kids, believe it or not.)

February: I have so much fun skating on weekend afternoons! Sometimes it's the most exercise I get, but it's actually a great workout. My sides usually even hurt from balancing.
Weekend afternoons? Yeah, I still skate then. But now I'm skating at least five days a week for about two hours each of those. Whatever muscles I'm trying to improve will hurt as a result, but I have ab muscles I didn't know existed.

I'm scared of falling. Or skating over kid-fingers. And a lot of other things.
I'm still afraid I'll smash kid fingers, among many things I'm afraid of. My pads and I have made peace with each other and I'm used to falling. Falls = Pretty Bruises To Brag About. I'm cool with that.

February: Someday I will be real derby girl!
Since writing that, I have reffed eight derby games (two each on four nights). Next week I'll get drafted to a Dead Girl Derby team. "Someday" is almost here!

February: I'll skate SO fast that all you'll see is me looking back at you while you try to catch up.
I will forever be working to improve my speed, but I'm quite proud of skating 20 laps in 3 minutes and 25 seconds. 'February 2011 Me' would never believe it.

What have you accomplished in the last 9 months? Everyone has something—I want to know!

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