Monday, November 14, 2011

Vegan Pumpkin Cookies Travel to a Football Game

I needed to make snacks for Dead Girl Derby's bake sale over the weekend. Someone remembered that I'd made vegan pumpkin cookie bars last year, and I was so flattered that I decided to make them again.

They're vegan pumpkin cookies, subbing wheat flour for half of the total flour. Then press the dough down into a large rimmed cookie sheet. The first time, I did this because I was either lazy or in a hurry. But they really worked out well for portioning out for a bake sale.

Here are 12 large cookie bars.

Labelled sandwich baggies.

Perfectly sized! These are actually quite large, but I think a nice size for selling.

The bake sale was part of a charity football game. I like this photo because it looks like maybe I don't totally suck at football when in reality, I do.

The event was a blast, and it was a great Saturday afternoon with a huge part of the Dead Girl Derby family.

Photos courtesy Steve Yates, Kansas City Star. See more here:

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