Friday, November 25, 2011

Vegetarian Restaurant Find: Yard House

Apparently Yard House added gardein vegetarian items to its menu in summer 2010. But I haven't been there since seeing The Dark Night in theaters. So I guess that's been more than three years now? Wow...

Tuesday night I went there with the hubby and friends.

There were so many vegetarian options, I almost died of shock and glee. Usually I have to figure out what I can call a meal at a restaurant (often a side salad and french fries) but after much indecision, I settled on this:

marsala sautéed crimini mushrooms, carmelized onions, baby spinach

Sub truffle fries for regular fries and add a Boulevard Nutcracker Ale on tap, and you've got the happiest vegetarian in Kansas City right here.

My dining buddies laughed at me for taking photos of this, but they didn't understand. A meat-eater can get a delicious (to them) burger with a ton of topping options pretty much anywhere. This may be the best restaurant burger I've had in the 3+ years I've been vegetarian.

Now I just need my financial situation to pretty up so I can go back really soon.

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