Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Display Your Skate Name on Facebook

Question asked by a fellow Dead Girl: "How did you get your Facebook name to also include your skate name in parentheses?"

Facebook has changed a bit since I did it, so I double-checked exactly how to do it now. This works as of this week!

• Go to Account Settings in the dropdown at the top right of the screen.
• Click 'Edit' beside 'Name.'
• Type your skate name into the Alternate Name section.
• Click "Include this on my profile."

Now your derby friends will be able to find you on Facebook even if they don't know your real name! It's a little sad how often this is useful.

Previously, my Alternate Name included my maiden name. Replacing my maiden name with my skate name was kind of a weird transition for me. However, I am quite certain that more people search for Mel Breakdown than for Kelly Lanigan.

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