Friday, January 6, 2012

Bacon-Centered Pancakes

This right here is what a happy Kelly looks like: cooking hearty food in my tiny kitchen for friends and family. 

Partially thanks to the holidays (and less thanks to some newly acquired derby muscle), I'm feeling a little chubby and looking it, too... This makes it the perfect time to share with you: bacon-centered pancakes!

Go ahead and blame my teammates for this gloriousness because they introduced me. And don't be surprised if your clothes fit a little tight, too.

I made mine (top) vegetarian. And for the record, I rarely eat like this.

Small downside of vegetarian bacon: it kind of looks like dog treats. Although I've never eaten dog treats, I have a feeling they taste similar. But it was worth it to be able to join in on this social meal without having to eat meat.

Real bacon makes those look (and probably taste) a million times better.

Warning: this will either take a while to make or require a good amount of multitasking. Personally, I have no patience but am good at doing several things at once in the kitchen. Tackle this however you like.

If you're making regular and veggie, try to use separate plates, pans and utensils for each. It's not a terribly big deal to some people, but if I wanted bacon grease I'd just eat the bacon. And I did consider doing just that but decided against it. Animals just don't sound tasty to me.

Want to make these for yourself? Here's a basic guideline.

Step 1: Make up pancake batter: 

Please, for the love of all things good, make your own pancake batter. Pancake mix is a total rip-off because it's full of things you should always have on hand. Also: from scratch just tastes better.

Step 2: Fry bacon (regular and/or vegetarian).

Step 3: Ladle pancake batter onto bacon in greasy pan.

You're basically going to cook these pancakes as you normally would. They'll just have bacon in the middle and taste a little bacony from the pan.

I would cook four pieces of bacon, take two out, and cook pancakes on top of the two slices of bacon. When those pancakes were done, I'd put a little more grease in the pan with the other two slices and make two more pancakes. Having two pans helped streamline this process.

I just realized that I can be kind of like a short-order cook. Well, I'm just saying that. I've never actually worked any kind of food service.

I have a feeling this is a pretty classic stance and facial expression for me. This is what you have to look at if you say something I find to be ridiculous.

*singing* Bacon bacon, pancake pancake, bacon, bacon...

I haven't eaten meat in nearly three years and even I think this looks like a wonderful heart attack.

This is a rare treat for sure (especially for an aspiring athlete), but a worthy occasional splurge in my opinion.

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