Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Death by Reese's

Mr. CookingOnSkates got giant eight-ounce Reese's peanut butter cups for the second Christmas in a row. These are each about half the size of my face and about a day's worth of calories. For some extra super-duper nutrition, they're posed next to a large plate of bacon and pancakes.

Maybe today's filler post sucks, yes. But bear with me: as soon as I have a few minutes to properly write it, I shall present you with bacon-centered pancakes.

Yes, I said it. Bacon *in* the pancakes. And a vegetarian version of the same. You'll remember why you put up with me.

For today, try not to rush out and buy these Reese's because you'll probably make yourself sick the first time you try to consume them. I'm not a Reese's fan, so I don't know this from personal experience but rather firsthand witnessing. It's not pretty.

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