Friday, January 27, 2012

If You Have a Wooden Floor...

This possibly ill-advised idea started because I needed to re-lace my skates. The laces I was using were too short and wouldn't tie up tight enough. Once the new laces were on, I wanted to see how they worked. The floor in my living room is wood already scratched up from my dog.

At this point on a Tuesday evening, I'd already tackled all of the items on my to-do list... except work out. So I decided to spend a little time on my skates rather than throw the whole work-out-so-I-lose-a-couple-pounds-and-become-an-awesome-jammer thing for the day.

If you have a wooden floor at home and a little space, you can work on getting more comfortable moving around and transitioning. A few of my league mates were introduced to this exercise at Beat Me Halfway, so I hope I'm replicating it properly. I've found it to be quite useful.

You can thank or blame Mr. CookingOnSkates for the funny effects on the video. I'm quite thankful that he agreed to help me out with this!

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