Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roller Derby Workout DVD

After thinking of buying this several times and always forgetting or talking myself out of it, I finally ordered the Roller Derby Workout DVD.

In general, I don't love workout videos. I want to exercise with a group of people, and prefer playing sports because I get so caught up in the competition that I forget that I'm working out. Workout videos are kind of cheesy and just don't do it for me. My first experience trying the Roller Derby Workout was similar, but the cheese factor wasn't too bad.

Because this was new to me, I decided to do the first run-through off skates. Next time I'll wear my skates and see how it's different. What I do like is that the exercise moves are specific to derby. The Heart Attacks skaters that demonstrate the moves explain how they target body parts that are used in derby. And it's a good workout.

My favorite part is that I can see what I'm working toward the whole time I'm working out. Those Heart Attack girls are fit and toned and gorgeous. My body type may be different than theirs, but I can see my fitness goals in them because we play the same sport. There are days when I'm tired or the roads are crappy that I want to work out but don't want to leave the house. This video will be perfect for those times!

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