Monday, January 16, 2012

Waldo Pizza: Vegan Heaven

Have you been to Waldo Pizza? If not, why not? This place has my favorite pizza (we picked it up for my birthday party at my house last year) and tons of great drinks on tap. It's the best for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free foods, but diners who are none of those will be happy with their standard fare of pizza and sandwiches.

When Mr. CookingOnSkates and I stopped by on Saturday, we decided to try out their sandwiches for the first time. I ordered this off the vegan menu: green/black/Kalamata olive sandwich with vegan cheese and baked sweet potato tots. The Schlafly chocolate creme stout in the background may or may not be mine as well...

This is olive heaven. The menu is set up so that you pick whatever three toppings you want. I always want olives. This was my first time trying vegan mozzarella, and I was pleased with the taste and texture. The only immediate downside was that it didn't melt quite like real cheese. (The eventual downside is that I didn't remember my body's aversion to soy, and my hubby threatened to not sleep in the same bed as me later that night. Oops.)

This is one of my and my hubby's favorite restaurants, so we'll keep going here again and again, but I'll remember to stick with regular cheeses. Several of our friends enjoy the food here as well, but I must warn that the place is quite busy and noisy on Friday and Saturday evenings.

A weirdo side note: isn't this the coolest bathroom? It's the one on the adjacent Tap Room side, but has a nifty sink and cool framed old magazine covers.

A great experience, start to--um--finish.

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