Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebrating One Year

I had an idea the other day: Have you ever thought about doing a cooking blog? Since "Hrm" is dead and you tweeted the other day about the ineffectiveness of Twitter (and because I know you read several cooking blogs), I thought that that might be a cool way you could do some writing for yourself. I'm not saying, "YOU SHOULD DOOOOOO THIS!" or anything, it just occurred to me that it might be something you'd enjoy.

DeVee emailed me this a year ago. This is the longest I've ever consistently blogged, and I've managed to do five days a week for a year.

Then yesterday she sent me this:

I just checked in to CoS to see what kind of post you'd done to celebrate your one year anniversary and saw that you'd written about getting photographed without pants on in public. Somehow that's... well, so you, ha ha.

Let's hope there's enough food and skating to make it another year!

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DeVeeM said...

Aw. <3

Congrats again on one year! Here's to *many* years to come! :-)