Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adorable Dresses I *Didn't* Buy

Last weekend, I had a girl date with friends on 39th Street in Kansas City. These days always make me happy. And because I make no sense, I started my afternoon of clothes shopping  by eating a scone at Mud Pie Vegan Bakery. Yum.

Savory artichoke scone with soy mozzarella. Nomnom.

This dress  is vintage 1960s and in fantastic shape. Someone needs to go down to Donna's Dress Shop and give it a wonderful home. I wanted to be that person, but it's pretty snug on the waist for me and the bottom half of the back needs to be resewn.

This adorable dress is by Monkey Wrench and is still at Retro Vixen as far as I know. It's marked down as the last one, but my chest felt a little too smushed.

Where are your favorite stores for a lazy Saturday afternoon out?

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