Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gameday Nutrition: What Worked Better This Time

In game one, I felt a little nauseous in the second half and had to sit out a couple extra jams because of it. I wasn't about to let that keep me on the bench again in game two. While reffing last season, I noticed the importance of proper nutrition and hydration before and during games, but the strategy for these had to be tweaked for the different things my body does as a skater. I need to be even more hydrated but eat far less solid food.

Here's what seems to have helped this time around.

-No soda or beer on Friday, Saturday or Sunday/gameday. During this time, drink as much water as possible and try to replace coffee with tea for caffeine. Eat as healthfully as possible.

-Gameday breakfast: peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat berry bread

-Gameday mid-morning: Starbucks Doubleshot energy drink on the way to morning practice

-Gameday lunch: Panera lunch of a bagel with veggie cream cheese and a strawberry smoothie

-Gameday afternoon:Clif bar and half a sugar-free Red Bull

-Gameday evening: Water, Gatorade and Vanilla Clif Shot Energy Gel pre-game and at halftime

Although I'm generally tired from the game on Sunday, my body is less sore than it ever has been after such a strenuous competition.

What works for you?

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