Monday, March 19, 2012

New Skates = Basket of Effing Kittens

When I finally decided I couldn't take my Riedell 265s eating my feet anymore, I started asking around for suggestions of different skate boots. After talking to anyone who would chat about skates, trying on as many as I could, and several hours over a few days clearing up questions with Pitchit of, I finally made my decision. I took the plunge and order Antik AR1 boots even though they're pricey and I always thought they were a little funny-looking.

Someone described these boots as being like "a basket of f-ing kittens." They're pretty darn close. Check out the high-quality leather and padded tongue. These babies fit my heels and ankles perfect, and my toes are at the edge of the boot so my feet don't slide, but my toes can wiggle a bit so they don't fall asleep.

The plates are new, but the same kind (Sunlite) as I had before. The gumball toe stops, Reds Ceramic bearings, four Atom Stinger, and four Atom Stroker wheels all are carryovers as well.

These are derby foot heaven. did hook me up with a great price, free shipping and incredible advice. If ever I need derby gear that I can't get locally, I'm ordering from these guys.

What's your dream skate?

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