Monday, April 23, 2012

Blind Tiger: Beer Brewed for Every Mood

Mr. Breakdown accompanied me to last week's photo shoot. By the time we were done, it was dark and we were starving. Neither of us know Topeka very well, so we searched his GPS for a restaurant nearby. Enter: Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant.

When I asked the waitress for a beer recommendation, she brought me samples of three: a bock, a raspberry wheat and a pale ale. I went with a raspberry wheat. I cannot express my love for microbreweries. It's like getting a cupcake at a local bakery.

The food was just as good. These nachos: incredible. While they didn't quite have meat on them, I was less than thrilled that the black beans were cooked with meat. I was hungry and ate a ton without complaint anyway. This huge appetizer could feed two people as a meal. Instead, I ate about 2/3 by myself.

I stole one of the hubby's french fries. The only reason I didn't snag more was that I had too much of my own food to handle.

He was dressed appropriately. And devoured his tasty-lookin' burger.

I was post-shoot, and so looked a little out of place in a Topeka bar & grill. My hair was officially crazy by this point, and I couldn't handle shapewear any longer.

If you've never been to a brewery or seen a microbrewery, they're fascinating!

Mostly, I just think everyone should go to this one. But call me first because I want to go back!

It's probably a good thing that this place isn't closer than an hour's drive from my house.

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