Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Mel Breakdown Does Vegas

Mr. Breakdown and I were in Vegas last weekend for a wedding. Because I had a game the day after returning, I behaved myself as far as food and beer goes. The big splurge: buying pretty things at the Bettie Page Store.

As soon as I heard "Elvis wedding," I knew I wanted to dress retro the whole trip. It was so much fun!

This dress is new from Retro Vixen in Kansas City. The heels are vintage from Boomerang in Kansas City. I did my own makeup. The scarf in my hair is actually a belt that came with a pair of pants at Kohl's, and I took the buckle off.

Representing Dead Girl Derby in Vegas!

Sunglasses are from Target and a stand-in for the $150 Kate Spade ones I *really* wanted to buy but couldn't justify.

Why doesn't everyone do Vegas like this?

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