Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: First Friday's Hamburger Mary's

First Fridays in Kansas City for me is a good excuse to try something a little different with hair, makeup and/or outfits. I decided to try a little retro look last week for a derby flash mob, which turned out to be six skaters rolling around the Crossroads with flyers. Very fun all around.

We started and ended at Hamburger Mary's. If you've never been there: go soon. Black bean burgers that are to die for. Sweet potato fries. Ginormous burgers. Boulevard beers. Drag queens peddling jello shots. Happiness. My only complaints: the service has been a little slow both times I've been there and it's extremely loud.

My cute look got the attention of a guy at a table nearby. At first, I thought maybe I was paranoid or thought too highly of myself. Before he left, he gave me his name, phone number and hotel on a napkin. Who does that in real life?! Also, my left hand clearly says "married."

Pardon my weirdo face, but I'm gonna label this attempt at a slightly new look as a success.

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