Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cafe Gratitude: KC Vegan Goodness

Mr. CookingOnSkates heard about Cafe Gratitude from a coworker of his and ever-so-sweetly took me there for dinner on Saturday.

This is a Big Freakin' Deal. I've gotta say, he's a pretty fantastic hubby. But I married a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy who mocks "rabbit food" and won't eat anything vegan except my pumpkin cookies.

I started with I Am Grace, a smoothie made of coconut milk, dates and almonds. OMG.

Water was on the table in these cute bottles. I forget how much I like drinking room-temperature water at restaurants until I go somewhere that serves it that way. I drank a ton, and as a result had to use the bathroom about a dozen times before we even got to a movie afterward. The hubby does not like room-temp water, coincidentally.

The restaurant is in the old Lulu's Noodles spot in the Crossroads. The space is adorable, and I'm in love with the painting.

General niftiness.

This is a bowl of vegan, macrobiotic goodness. I ate the whole damn thing and felt actually overfull, but in the most nourished way. Although I did like this dish, I'd probably try something else next time.

Quinoa, almonds, sea veggies, some sort of sprouts, housemade kimchi... I don't even know what else.

The hubby ordered roasted garlic potatoes with vegan nacho "cheese." I stole a few bites, and we both agreed that these would have been better without the cheese.

When you get to the bottom, you get more loveliness.

Then this came with our bill. I will say that the total was kind of pricey, but I would absolutely go back. When I got home, I looked up Cafe Gratitude because I thought I remembered it from my trip to California for work a few years ago. Yep! There are a few locations in cool places in California ... and this one in KC.

The servers were friendly and knowledgable. We did have to wait a while for someone to come to our table, but the place was very busy for 5pm on a Saturday.

Check out their website: http://cafegratitudekc.com/

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