Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Birthday: Joplin Mash-Up

I decided to spend my birthday playing an outdoor derby tournament with a bunch of skaters I'd never met. Fantastic idea! I did realize that morning that I hadn't picked up a teal shirt to wear. Target only had teal sports bras, sizes XS and XXL. The 2X can be a shirt with high-waisted hotpants, right?

I forgot how awesome this outfit was until we were in Walmart during a break to get Mr. Breakdown some food. How I'm not on People of Walmart yet, I have no idea.

I picked up these sunglasses for $20 at Target a month or two ago because I couldn't justify splurging $200 on a similar pair from Kate Spade.

Red lips? Check. Derby eyes? Check.

Crazy bruises that could be mistaken for crappy tattoos? Check.

Thanks to David Storms for the bout-day photos!

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