Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ninja Breakfast Shake

I made this breakfast shake in my Ninja blender. However, I also think that ninjas would consume this shake for breakfast. For 210 calories, it's enormous and has 35 grams of protein.

You could leave the espresso out, but that's how this particular shake differs from my post-derby protein shake.

It makes a ton, definitely enough for two big cups. I think the calories would be insufficient if you only drank half and gave the other to a significant other or roommate. Maybe you could do that and supplement with granola bars.

It's icy and creamy and delicious. I'm in love. I've always been leery of drinking a meal, but this really did keep me full until about 11am!

I got these in vanilla at Costco: I think they taste a little funny alone, but fabulous blended with other things.

PB2 is available in a lot of grocery stores. It's basically powdered peanut butter, which has the oil removed to make it lower-fat.

If you happen to have cold-brewed espresso, this would probably be even easier to make and might not even need ice. I'm thinking a frozen banana would be a nice ice substitute as well.

Ninja Breakfast Shake
(makes 1 really big shake)

1 vanilla protein shake
1/3 cup ice
2 tbsp PB2
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa
2 shots espresso

1. Pulse all in blender until evenly smooth. Drink before the ice bits melt.

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