Friday, May 25, 2012

Step-It-Up Health and Workout Plan

I'm feeling pretty good on skates right now, but I think I'm looking a little fluffy in pictures. Minimizing that fluff would inherently improve my derby game as well, so I'm going to re-commit myself to training like an athlete.

Here's the basic plan I sketched up for myself. This is in addition to my current vegetarian diet and four days of skating per week.

General Lifestyle
30 minutes weight training during lunch breaks Monday through Friday
Only drink alcohol post-games
Never drink energy drinks or soda
No traditional desserts/sweets
Drink coffee/lattes with skim milk and no sweeteners
Drink as much water as I can

Food Intake
Daily breakfast with no sugar, high protein
Daily lunch of salad with extra veggies and lean protein
Daily dinner of whole grains, lean protein, and extra veggies
Low-sugar granola bars as snacks
Low-sugar protein shakes after practices

Goal: Go from 181 pounds back down to 160
Possible future goal: Get down to 145 pounds

In the first 24 hours, the only difficult part so far has been avoiding sweets. After practice the first night, I made a smoothie from ice, a protein shake, PB2 powdered peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa. It was magnificent! After dinner yesterday, I was really wanting dessert. I blended unsweetened frozen fruit with coconut water. Delicious! I'm going to make this work.

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Cherry Rolla said...

Hi ya! New reader here. Just wanted to say I love your blog name. I just joined mt local derby team a few months back and my biggest fight is eatting right after pratice. I feel i need the energy from food but at 11pm all you find open is greasy fast food. It isn't easy. Good luck on you goals.

Cherry Rolla~RRR