Monday, June 4, 2012

Clothing Swap Wins

Thank you, roller derby (and cookies), for making my butt and thighs not fit into most of my clothes. Although I decided to part with some things I used to really like, having a clothing swap at my house meant that I gained some really nifty new things to soften to blow.


This long-sleeved sweater hits right at my natural waist.

This is adorable on. Fitted boobs and waist, but free-size at the hips. Yay!

Pokla-dotted clasp-front corset top. I can't wait to use this for a pinup-inspired look.

Block romper. Rompers never look good on my body shape, but this one is great.

Old Navy tops. The long sleeves are too warm for now, and the t-shirt is a little bit, but both are so comfortable.

This doesn't photograph well, but I've been wanting a jacket like this for a while. The body stops below the bust, but it has long sleeves.

This is "meh" laying flat, but very pinup-like on!

I love vests. This one is Gap and menswear-inspired. I almost can't believe it was free to me!

These jeans and this skirt look huge because they are. My bottom half is absurdly large. But they fit, and I'm happy!

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