Thursday, June 28, 2012

Derby Photo Secrets

Makeup, pregame. Photo courtesy Steve Yates, Kansas City Star Community Faces.

I am increasingly aware that I look better in derby photos than I do in real life. In case you've forgotten or never knew or cared in the first place, I read this article a while back: Never Skate With Scissors, And Other Advice For Surviving Roller Derby

My favorite part is right up front:
"Future roller derby skaters, if I had only one piece of advice to offer regarding your upcoming derby career, it would be this: Invest in a good bra. Regardless of the size of your chest or budget, do yourself this favor and indulge. Like a loyal friend, a good bra will support you when you need it most, it will lift you when you’re feeling down and it will help you stand firm in the face of your adversaries. Treat this bra with care. Never put it in the washing machine. Do not sleep in it. Some day when you look back on the photos of yourself skating, you’ll thank me."

Photo courtesy Firebranded Photography. Boobies courtesy Victoria's Secret.

I like this one personally:

A lot of skaters like a mix of colored tights and/or fishnets, but I want to be comfortable on bottom and show off my leg muscles. Some decent cheap (you're going to tear them up anyway) control-top pantyhose do the trick. For the most recent game, I wore these and was pleased:

I *love* plain nude tights. Photo courtesy KC Derby Digest.

Honestly, it also takes me between 30 and 45 minutes to do gameday makeup as well. But I think it's worth it!

What are your derby photo tips?

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