Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Beer: For Readers 21 and Over

Need a mid-week drink? You could be reading this as early as 8 a.m. today, so hopefully not yet. But by the time you get home, you might. If you've never had a summer beer, you should. If you've had one, you should drink another.

If you're under 21, I'm going to say you shouldn't. But no one ever listens to me anyway.

One bottle of beer is going to make two 13-oz drinks. You can leave out the vodka, but it really does give it an extra kick. And the brands are just my suggestions based on what worked well when I made these for a party.

Summer Beer
(makes one drink)

6 oz Boulevard Wheat
6 oz Shatto lemonade
1 oz Absolut vodka

1. Chill all ingredients. Add ice if desired.
2. Mix in a glass.
3. Drink.
4. Enjoy.
5. Feel refreshed.

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