Monday, July 2, 2012

Restaurant Review: Andrés Confiserie Suisse

Last week, my coworker popped by my cubicle to ask if I wanted to go out to lunch. I'd only brought a few strawberries and a little cheese and wasn't sure how I was going to keep from being starving and whiny, so I said "YES!" She was craving Andre's, and I had never been.

OMG. I am so going back.

I knew this place made chocolates, but I buy my occasional fancypants sweets from Christopher Elbow. No one told me that Andre's has FOOD! I ate my bread and butter before I thought to take a photo. When my curried vegetables with rice and sliced beets came, I snapped one real quick before savoring every bite as long as I could.

Lunches come with a drink (I drank way too much coffee with cream) and dessert. This piece of moist cake with mocha buttercream looks like it's covered in fondant (ew), but it's marzipan. Oh holy mother of all things good. I died. My clothes *still* don't fit a week later.

So who's up for a return trip soon?

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